PC Building Simulator 2 coming to Epic Games Store in 2022

PC Building has become an art in today’s world. If you’re thinking of building your very own PC setup then maybe rendering a virtual PC before actually buying the parts would come in handy. Well, good news! PC Building Simulator 2 has just been announced by developer Spiral House. The original PC Building Simulator was a surprise hit back when it was released in 2018. PC Building Simulator 2 will be made available later this 2022 exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

PC Building Simulator 2: Announcement Trailer

PC Building Simulator 2 will have more features than its predecessor as it looks to improve and expand on it with more detailed builds, customizations, and new experiences. PCBS 2 will carry over 1200 computer parts that are actually licensed from over 40 real manufacturers like AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. It will also have a 30+ hour career mode which will focus on the experience of even repairing your own PC. Of course, no PC build is complete without RGB lighting, which will make the experience of PCBS 2 that much more intriguing.

It seems like PC Building Simulator 2 will not only be an exciting and enjoyable building game for PC enthusiasts but also be a big help for those looking to design and build a new PC rig.

What do you think of the upcoming PC Building Simulator 2? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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