Nintendo brings Wii and Gamecube Games to China’s Nvidia Shield

Video game analyst Daniel Ahmad revealed via a tweet that Nintendo is bringing in their games to China’s Nvidia Shield. Nintendo and Nvidia’s friendship isn’t necessarily new, as you can recall, Nintendo’s hybrid Switch console runs on the chip manufacturer’s Tegra X1 chip. These games, however, would be exclusive to the Chinese Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia’s Shield has already been out on the global market for quite some time now, but it only recently received its official Chinese launch. Along with that launch is Nintendo’s announcement that they’ll be bringing in games for the set-top-box. The first set of games to be released on the Chinese Nvidia Shield are Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, New Super Mario Bros., and Punch-Out!! with a few more coming soon.

Of course, Nvidia’s device is powered by Android which means that these games are only available via digital download. Although the bigger news here is that these games are now coming to the mobile platform albeit only on the Nvidia Shield and only in China. Sadly, there has been no official word from Nintendo whether they’ll be releasing these games to the global versions of the Shield or whether they’ll be available on other mobile devices.

Do take note that the Android ports of Nintendo games were only made possible due to a licensing partnership between Nintendo and Nvidia. Hence the reason why it would most likely remain as Shield exclusives until such time that the Japanese game company decides to widen their mobile reach.

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