Razer peripherals now come in a new Quartz Pink color

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It’s time to get glamorous with your gaming peripherals. Razer announced yesterday the new Quartz Edition, a stylish new pink color for their best-selling peripherals.

Razer Quartz Edition

You can get the following items in Quartz Pink:

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse

Razer Lancehad Tournament Edition Quartz

Price: Php4,499

Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer Blackwidow Tournament Chroma V2 Quartz Edition

Price: Php7,899

Razer Invicta Gaming Mouse Mat

Razer Invicta Quartz

Price: Php3,799

Razer Kraken Pro V2 Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Pro 2 Quartz Edition

Price: Php4,199

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And if your Quartz Pink Kraken still isn’t cute enough…

Kitty Ears For Razer Kraken

Razer Kitty Ears For Kraken Quartz Edition

Price: Php1,199

All prices were taken from Razer’s online store, which probably means that Quartz Edition peripherals have already arrived in the country. If you’re interested in buying one or more of these items, be sure to be on the lookout as they might already be available in Razer Authorized Stores.

Source: Razer

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