Nationwide ban of Pokemon GO implemented in Iran

Niantic’s Pokemon GO forces players to go out of the house and explore different areas to collect Pokemon. Well, it seems like Iran doesn’t want their people to go wandering around aimlessly as it ordered to ban the game entirely.

BBC reports that the High Council of Virtual Spaces, Iran’s official body overseeing online activity, ordered the restriction of playing the location-based game. No specific reasons were disclosed except for apparent “security concerns”.

There have been other countries that have expressed worries about security issues but Iran is the first to disallow playing the game.

The game itself doesn’t fall short of giving reminders to its players like do not drive while playing as well as not to trespass just to catch Pokemon. In the end, it’s still up to the players to be responsible when they go out and play.

With Iran implementing the ban, will other countries follow suit over these “security” reasons?


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  1. Avatar for Imagi Imagi says:

    I remember when I was younger my parents will tell me to go out and play, hindi yung nakakulong sa loob lang ng bahay.

    ngayon na merong pokemon go gusto naman nakakulong lang sa bahay. kung safety and security of players ang kailangan tugunan then our government should provide the citizens with safety and protection. gawin madalas ang police visibility, roaming tanod, etc. kung maglalaro ng pokemon go ang anak ko, sinasamahan ko rin (na naglalaro).

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