Mineski integrates gamification in the workplace

Mineski Global has revealed integrating gamification in the workplace through a task rewarding system and “gamifying” physical spaces.

According to Mineski, these efforts have been in effect since the pandemic started, and transitioning to a work from home set-up even opened an opportunity to renew the workplace.

However, Mineski also mentioned that infusing challenges and tasks provides a new strategy to gauge employee performance and foster desired behaviors.

“Our mission is to unleash the gamer in everyone, placing the gamers at the heart of value creation for the industry and providing new ways to engage people, including our employees. There’s a big opportunity to bring this mission to life by introducing gamification in our workplace,” said Mineski Global Chief Executive Officer Ronald Robins.

Meanwhile, Mineski recently launched “The Great Mineski Adventure” among its employees wherein they can get points for every action they make, including referring a friend to be part of the team, making one’s broadcast of top quality, being a brand ambassador and sharing company news on social media, completing required reading materials, as well as finding a mentor.

The points earned can be redeemed in exchange for a wide range of rewards, from beverages, game tokens to other rewards from partner brands. Plus, these rewards can then be redeemed through an app.

“At Mineski, we aim to further engage our employees by gamifying our work environment. We do this by turning daily tasks into rewarding activities. We also ensure that they stay productive, collaborative, and motivated to continuously improve while still staying true to our core values and delivering excellence,” said Maria Ana Koltoff, HR Manager of Mineski Global.

Additionally, the company has also built an amphitheater in its office, with tiered seating and open space serving various uses, including town halls and large group training. The company also revamped its pantry and dining areas.

Mineski is known for its original esports leagues, platforms, and content besides nationwide tours and events.

Further, the company mentioned that it has also partnered with colleges and universities throughout the country to bring esports at the grassroots level and promote responsible gaming among young Filipinos.

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