miHoYo’s Tears of Themis now available on Android and iOS

miHoYo has just announced the availability of its new game, Tears of Themis, on the Google Play Store and iOS app store worldwide. It is the first romance and detective title from miHoYo, where players embark on an adventure of romance and wit.

In the game, players will engage in the exciting field of law, defend truth and justice, and craft romantic relationships with four distinctive male protagonists. As a rookie attorney, a player solves bizarre cases in Stellis City while cultivating romantic relationships with four distinctive male protagonists with complex personalities. Various rewards are also available to all players.

Character-specific stories can be unlocked by collecting cards. Exquisite and dynamic card illustrations, interactive CGs, exclusive dialogues, and video calls create an immersive and heart-racing experience between players and their favorite characters.

A lot of rewards have been set for newcomers. By joining the launch event, players can get up to 40+ free draws:

  • For celebrating the 500,000 pre-registration milestone, all players will receive 10 free draws.
  • Tap the button on the main page to complete Rookie Support Tasks and obtain 10 free draws.
  • Login for a total of 14 days by August 27 to receive in-game rewards, including S-Chips and 10 free draws.
  • Complete Main Story Episodes to earn in-game rewards and 10+ free draws.
  • An SSR card is guaranteed within the first 30 draws!

Tears of Themis officially launches today, July 29, on Android and iOS and is free to play. In addition, the game text is available in multiple languages.

Source: miHoYo

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