GTA 6 first trailer debuts in early December, Rockstar confirms

Rockstar Games has officially announced that a trailer “for the next Grand Theft Auto” will debut in early December.

Gta 6 Leak

Photo/ Rockstar Games

Widely referenced to as GTA 6, the new upcoming game features the franchise’s first female protagonist. It is reportedly set in an alternate version of Miami, just like in GTA: Vice City (2002), but presumably more modern. And that there will be two (Bonnie and Clyde-inspired) main protagonists to play.

Fans have been waiting for over a decade now with the last installment, Grand Theft Auto V release in 2013. Since then, Rockstar is still providing updates on its GTA Online, and ports to new generations of console has been made available including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Gta V Splash Screen Art Trio

Photo/ Rockstar Games

Unfortunately for Rockstar, this won’t be the first time GTA 6 makes an appearance. Last year, almost a hundred of GTA 6 gameplay footages has leaked online. Locations, gameplay mechanics, and the characters’ looks were already out earlier than planned.

While various reports claim a later release date, until 2025, the official reveal should finally tell when will the next GTA game releases.

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