Get to Know TikTok Gaming Creator and Professional Level Mobile Legends Gamer, Sungit

Millions of followers online see Marvin San Pedro, aka Sungit (Elie Gaming), as one of the most entertaining gaming video creators in the local scene. He is a professional level Mobile Legends player, and currently one of the biggest Mobile Legends streamers in the country.

Sungit has been playing video games since he was young, and his attraction to gaming stems from his competitive nature. He started with console games, then moved on to PC games like DoTA, Battle Realms, and Counter Strike. Among his favorite games are Call of Duty Warzone, and of course, Mobile Legends. His pursuit of professional gaming and streaming was inspired by international players that he would follow online. He felt that, by watching these gamers, it was as if he had them as mentors.

For this reason, Sungit continues to search for ways to interact with his followers, and share his gaming knowledge and advice. This search is what led Sungit to TikTok. On TikTok, Sungit mainly shares Mobile Legends content, showcasing his expertise in using the hero, Fanny, one of the toughest heroes to master in the game. When asked about his Fanny build, Sungit says that it varies depending on the strengths of the opponent he is facing, since Fanny’s abilities rely on defense more than inflicting damage.

Among the things that Sungit loves about TikTok is the responsiveness of the community on the app. He shares that he has even experienced receiving hundreds of comments just minutes after posting a video. Because of this interaction, it has become easier for Sungit to connect with his followers. He also sees that a lot of new gaming trends and creators are actually coming from TikTok.

Sungit finds that creating hashtag challenges is a great way to lead followers on the app, which is why he likes setting up challenges of his own. He enjoys joining challenges, too, especially those that are recommended by his friends. Sungit says that followers can expect a lot more videos and challenges coming from him in the next few months, as he is really focused on creating more content.

Now that he has been able to make a name for himself in the gaming scene, Sungit tries to be encouraging and supportive of new gamers. In fact he is fond of giving skins to co-players who perform well in ranked games, whether or not they beat him. This is his way of rewarding players with potential, and his contribution to building a harmonious and respectful online gaming community.

Sungit’s advice to newbie gamers and streamers is don’t give up and remember why you started. Enjoy the journey instead of just focusing on your end goal. Every time you gain an additional follower or new views in your content, take time to enjoy the moment!

TikTok is a diverse platform that supports creativity and self-expression, welcoming content creators of all kinds, including the gaming community. Last November, the #TogetherInGame campaign was launched on the app in partnership with Tier One Entertainment, an esports agency with gaming creators and influencers in the roster, including Sungit. Through this hashtag campaign, gamers can take part in challenges, and share content that highlights the gaming community within TikTok.

Follow Sungit and other amazing gaming creators on the app, and share your own gaming content using the #TogetherInGame hashtag on TikTok. Download TikTok today on your iOS and Android devices to get started.

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