Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition out now

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, the mobile adaptation of Square Enix’ latest Final Fantasy, is finally here. Take control of Noctis and the gang as they fight their way through enemies and monsters to save the Kingdom of Lucis. There’s a catch though, only the first chapter of the game is free.

Final Fantasy XV Pocked Editon, as the name implies, is the mobile port of Square Enix’ highly regarded Final Fantasy XV. As with Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, the game makes use of chibi graphics to accommodate the change in hardware. Then again, this does make the game cuter and Noctis more Kawaii.

Thankfully, the port stays true to its name and follows the original story of Noctis from the consoles piece by piece, in a mobile and condensed format that is. It also follows the same UI design and story-telling of the console versions. Not to mention, the quirky conversations of the gang.

Of course, controls would be a bit different since this is on mobile. So, players are limited to the standard tap and hold mechanics for movement. Combat is also less dynamic and is slightly automated, Noctis and his buddies automatically attack enemies they approach. Although, Noctis’ warp strike was still integrated in the form of drags and holds. Players are also given the option of unlocking additional skills and abilities of the characters as they progress through the game.

The game starts out with the characters having English voices but users could opt to change it to Japanese should they wish. Again, do take note that after the first chapter players would be prompted to pay for the remainder of the story. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is out now and is available for download at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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