Fall Guys becomes free-to-play starting next month

Fall Guys will soon be available across PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Epic Games store this coming June 21 along with the game’s first ranked season.

Fall Guys 3

The ‘Big Announcement‘ regarding the new update of Fall Guys offers cross-platform play which means all players using either Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or other platforms, can play on one server instead of different servers per platform.

There will also be a cross-platform progression through the Epic Games account, which means that whatever platform you’re using, Xbox, Switch, or others, you may use one account linked or synced across all platforms.

Fall Guys 2

Fall guys will now be free-to-play with some optional items that need to be purchased separately, existing players will be gifted with a legacy pack and there’ll be pre-registration rewards. PC players can also enjoy again the customization of names.

New levels and new costumes are expected this June 21, 2022. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Fall Guys 4

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