Dying Light Enhanced Edition is temporarily FREE on Epic Games

Techland will be offering ‘free tickets to Harran’—the post-apocalyptic setting of Dying Light—starting April 6th.

Dying Light Enhanced Edition Free Epic Games (2)

In an announcement, the seven-year-old game will be free on the Epic Games Store, specifically the Dying Light Enhanced Edition.

While it may feel a bit dated in 2023, it is still worth checking out, especially that Techland has done an excellent job of keeping up with content updates and of course its sequel, Dying Light 2.

The Enhanced Edition adds a ton of goodies to the base game, including new cosmetics and a large cache of weapons that makes traversing the harsh Harran terrain much easier.

The included season pass opens up new areas of the map and adds a new multiplayer mode. Those who redeem the game on the Epic Games Store will also receive additional in-game items, such as the Last Hope, Alternator Hammer, Deadeye’s Bow blueprint, Survival Kit bundle, and an outfit.

Dying Light Enhanced Edition Free Epic Games (3)

Dying Light is a post-apocalyptic open-world game that blends parkour and first-person combat. The game takes place in Harran, a city overrun by zombies, and players must survive by scavenging for supplies, crafting weapons, and completing missions.

The game will be FREE to install via Epic Games Store starting April 6 – 13 along with another free game: Blazing Sails.

Click here to check out the Epic’s Free Games page.

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