Death Stranding 2: Kojima unveils sequel at PlayStation State of Play

The PlayStation State of Play presentation surprised many with the reveal of Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, the sequel to Hideo Kojima’s divisive yet cinematic 2019 open-world action game.

Death Stranding 2 Title Reveal Fi

Scheduled for a 2025 release exclusively on PlayStation 5, the new trailer depicts a world eerily familiar to fans of the first game. Lea Seydoux’s Fragile appears to lead a new faction called Drawbridge, aiming to reconnect a fragmented America, possibly including Mexico. This follows the retreat of the UCA and the decline of Porters after Sam’s disappearance with Louise.

Players will operate from a new base ship, the DHV Mejallan, assisting Sam in expanding the network across what seems to be Mexico’s diverse landscapes. Biomes range from familiar rocky terrains and deserts to a glimpse of a mysterious metropolitan city.

Death Stranding 2 appears to refine core gameplay elements of the first game while introducing new features and mysteries. This, coupled with the upcoming “Death Stranding” film, suggests exciting times for fans of Kojima’s unique creations.

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