Konami releases new F2P Silent Hill game for PS5, Silent Hill 2 remake trailer

PlayStation’s State of Play kicked off today, and one of the biggest highlights was the new developments at Konami: a new free-to-play game Silent Hill: The Short Message for PlayStation 5 and a new combat reveal trailer for the Silent Hill 2 remake on PS5 and PC platforms.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is meant to be a short, experimental game, tackling the story of Anita who finds escape from her shattered sense of reality through encounters with otherworldly spaces and creatures.

This free-to-play game is intended to introduce newcomers to the franchise and is immediately available to play for PS5 players following the presentation.

Meanwhile, the Silent Hill 2 remake gets a new combat reveal trailer. The Bloober Team is behind the development, but Konami has yet to reveal a release window, describing the game as still “in development.”

What we do know is that the Silent Hill 2 remake will be a console exclusive on PS5 for one year.

The original Silent Hill 2 launched on PS2 in North America in September 2001, followed by releases on Xbox in December 2001 and PC in December 2002.

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