ARK: Survival Evolved for free for a limited time on Steam

The ARK: Survival Evolved game is now free to keep if the user will download it before June 20, 2022, 1 am Philippine time.

Ark Survival Screenshot

Ark Survival Screenshot

The GAME was released last August 28, 2017, and it garnered a ‘Very Positive Review’ based on Steam. The free download for a limited coincides with the recent Xbox and Bethesda showcase in which the Ark 2 was announced for official release this incoming 2023.

The Ark 2 will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day one. The first time that this game was free for download was last 2020 in the Epic Game Store so this is another chance for the ARK: Survival Evolved game fans to download the game for free, now using the Steam app.

Click this link to be redirected to Steam.

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