Apex Legends update to offer 4K and HDR on PS5, Xbox

Apex Legends update has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment and the PS5 and Xbox Series X will support native 4K (except on the Series S0, HDR, better shadow maps, and greater detail for distances.

Apex Legends Update

All consoles are currently still limited to 60Hz but are expected to port a 120Hz update soon with the PS5, Xbox X and S series. Other expected updates are adaptive triggers and haptics on the PS5 as well as audio-visual improvements on both consoles.

To ensure that the latest version is available on your console follow the next steps:

PS5 Owners who own Apex Legends:

  • Go to the Game Hub for Apex Legends.
  • Press the “Options” button next to “Play Game”
  • Press “Select Version” and choose the PS5 version to download the updated next-gen version.
  • Once the download is complete, navigate to the Game Library to delete the PS4 version.

FPS5 Owners who do not currently have Apex Legends installed:

  • Go to the “Your Collection” tab of the Game Library.
  • Find Apex Legends in your list of games and select it.
  • When prompted, choose the PS5 version to download the updated next-gen version.

Xbox Series X/S Owners:

Apex Legends uses Smart Delivery on Xbox consoles. The best version of the game is automatically delivered to your console, regardless of generation – no extra steps are required from you.


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