Sony unveils new PlayStation Plus subscription

Sony unveils plans to launch new PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now with flexible options on June 2022.

Sony Playstation Plus Subscription

The service has been divided into three tiers – PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Premium. The Essential tier is the exact same existing PlayStation Plus offering two free games to download each month along with cloud storage for saves, online multiplayer capabilities, and exclusive discounts.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Plus Extra includes what the Essential tier offers but with additional 400 PS4 and PS5 games for download.

Additionally, the PlayStation Plus Premium tier will also offer what the other two tiers have, but with an additional 340 game titles that go all the way to PS1, PS2, PS4, and even PSP titles via cloud streaming. This tier adds an additional access to time-limited game trials as well as the existing PlayStation Now streaming library where the service is already available.

To sum it all up, here are the PlayStation Plus Tiers:

Europe (EUR)Japan (JPY)UK (GBP)US (USD)South Korea (KRW)Hong Kong (HKD)Taiwan (TWD)Singapore (SGD)Malaysia (MYR)
PlayStation Plus Essential8.99 monthly
24.99 quarterly
59.99 yearly
850 monthly
2,150 quarterly
5,143 yearly
6.99 monthly
19.99 quarterly
49.99 yearly
9.99 monthly
24.99 quarterly
59.99 yearly
7,500 monthly
18,800 quarterly
44,900 yearly
48 monthly
128 quarterly
308 yearly
198 monthly
488 quarterly
1,188 yearly
8.90 monthly
21.90 quarterly
53.90 yearly
29 monthly
69 quarterly
159 yearly
PlayStation Plus Extra3.99 monthly
39.99 quarterly
99.99 yearly
1,300 monthly
3,600 quarterly
8,600 yearly
10.99 monthly
31.99 quarterly
83.99 yearly
14.99 monthly
39.99 quarterly
99.99 yearly
11,300 monthly
31,000 quarterly
75,300 yearly
75 monthly
215 quarterly
515 yearly
298 monthly
808 quarterly
1,988 yearly
13.90 monthly
35.90 quarterly
89.90 yearly
44 monthly
114 quarterly
269 yearly
PlayStation Plus Premium16.99 monthly
49.99 quarterly
119.99 yearly
1,550 monthly
4,300 quarterly
10,250 yearly
13.49 monthly
39.99 quarterly
99.99 yearly
17.99 monthly
49.99 quarterly
119.99 yearly
12,900 monthly
35,000 quarterly
86,500 yearly
85 monthly
239 quarterly
599 yearly
338 monthly
928 quarterly
2,288 yearly
15.90 monthly
40.90 quarterly
103.90 yearly
50 monthly
130 quarterly
309 yearly

Sony adds a PlayStation Plus Deluxe for markets without cloud streaming that includes original PlayStation, PS2, and PSP titles for download, as well as time-limited game trials with the addition of Extra and Essential perks being made available.

Lastly, Sony also confirms they will bring cloud streaming to more regions but has not given a timeline.

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