Void Bastards, Yooka-Laylee free for a limited time at Epic Games Store

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Yooka-Laylee and Void Bastards are now free for a limited time at the Epic Games Store.

Void Bastards Yooka Laylee

Developed by Playtonic, Yooka-Laylee, is a game that is the spiritual successor of Banjoo Kazooie. The game features open-world exploration, platforming and a soundtrack composed by industry legends Davis Wise and Grant Kirkhope. The game features a duo you control and level-up using an RPG-like leveling system that gives players freedom to unlock new moves.

Void Bastards is a roguelike first-person shooter that tasks the players with helping escort prisons out of a dangerous galaxy. Each run that players attempt gives them a random character with their own unique skills. The player then has to guide their ship throughout the galaxy and try to escape. The game features first-person shooting action as well as beautiful cartoon-like graphics.

Both games are now available for free until August 27 at the Epic Games Store. To claim and download the game, simply log on to your account and click on the ‘Get’ button.

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