Tekken Mobile for Android & iOS now available in the Philippines

Bandai Namco’s new Tekken game for the mobile platform is now available in the Philippines for both Android and iOS.

The mobile game features over 100 characters, each equipped with over 20 unique and unlockable moves. Characters’ skills and moves are also customizable and upgradeable by the player.

The game’s story mode highlights Kazuya Mishima’s adventure, but Dojo Challenge and Live Events game modes are also available, wherein the former is an online battle against other players, and the latter includes rotating content goals.

Tekken Mobile is free to play on both platforms. Android users can get it through the Play Store here, while iPhone users may get it through the App Store here.

9 Responses

  1. Avatar for Erica Erica says:

    It says that the app is not currently available to your country or region

  2. Avatar for Anj Sipin Anj Sipin says:

    Opened thru the link but it says “Item Not Found”.

  3. it shows “item not found” on google play..

  4. Avatar for Frederik tepait Frederik tepait says:

    I found this game way back 2018 already.. i played it trice but the game suddenly stop… The creator had to stop it because of some issues of it. So please don’t give a false hope…

  5. Avatar for Andriey Masongs Andriey Masongs says:

    How to download tekken mobile?

  6. Avatar for Dindee Dindee says:

    I can’t download the Tekken on my samsung J2 prime ??? i want it so bad…

  7. Avatar for Bbbb Bbbb says:

    After the last update. It says that my device is not supported.

  8. Avatar for belphegor belphegor says:

    bad review for the game. maybe because it is still on it’s beta days

  9. Avatar for Batang80s Batang80s says:

    Can’t search in google play. Need help please

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