Stranger Things: The Game now out on Google Play

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The much awaited Season 2 for Stranger Things will be coming out very soon, and while you wait, you might want to try a game of the same title that was developed by BonusXP, Inc.

St Game

Stranger Things: The Game is an 8-bit retro-style puzzle-solver game that revolves on the Stranger Things universe that was shown in Netflix. The game lets you choose between the original characters as you navigate through the story. Each character has their set of unique ability that players can use to solve puzzles. There will be collectibles as well to make the game more thrilling to complete at 100%.

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St Sample Game

Stranger Things: The Game is now out on Android and iOS. Watch the game trailer here:

Stranger Things 2 will be out soon, watch the series trailer here:

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4 years ago

I’m already playing it. Nostalgia is real!

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