Spider-Man 2-themed PS5, DualSense controller announced

Insomniac Games unveiled a new PlayStation 5 console and DualSense controller splashed with Spider-Man theme during the 2023 San Diego Comic Con. This announcement will complement with the upcoming release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

The new set’s design showcases black and red colors, representing the ongoing internal conflict between the Venom symbiote and Peter Parker.

Marvel Spider Man 2 Ps5 Limited Edition Kv (1)

The design inspiration

The console’s front cover showcases Venom’s tendrils creeping ever closer to the iconic Spider-Man icon, as if threatening to consume the last bit of red shining through. Meanwhile, the DualSense controller is almost completely succumbed to the striking symbiote aesthetics.

Marvel Spider Man 2 Ps5 Limited Edition Kv (4)

“…You can still see some of the underlying red under the tendrils. This represents the various ways players will experience the symbiote takeover in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” said Jacinda Chew, Senior Art Director at Insomniac Games.

“It’s a constant push and pull for dominance whether it’s internal or external and the outcome is not certain.”

What else is new?

The new limited edition of the PS5 console has quality improvements in addition to its design. With the Tempest 3D Audiotech, you can hear precise sound effects, from bio-electric powers to enemy attacks and city noise.

The ultra high-speed SSD allows for instant character switching between Peter Parker and Miles Morales, and the DualSense wireless controller adds to the immersive experience with responsive vibrations and adaptive triggers that let you feel the action of web-swinging and the characters’ abilities.


The limited-edition Spider-Man 2-themed PS5 and DualSense controller will be available for pre-order starting July 28 in select countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and several others.

These products will be available starting September 1 ahead of the game’s official release on October 20, 2023. PlayStation also says they will be bringing limited quantities at select retailers worldwide, so keep your web-slinging eyes peeled!

The PS5 Console – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Bundle includes a PS5 console, a DualSense wireless controller, both of which are limited edition, and a voucher for a digital copy of its base game.

Marvel Spider Man 2 Ps5 Limited Edition Kv (2)

For those who already own a PS5 console, there is also an option to buy the console covers. It either comes bundled with the new DualSense controller or purchase them separately.

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