Riot Games and Moonton Finally Resolve Their Intellectual Property Disputes

Mobile Legends Vs Wild Rift

Riot Games and Moonton, have reached a significant milestone in their ongoing dispute. This dispute began several years ago when Riot Games accused Moonton Games of copying elements from their flagship game, League of Legends, and incorporating them into Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB).

After years of legal battles and courtroom drama, both companies have finally decided to put an end to their disagreements. This recent development marks a turning point in their relationship. Instead of continuing to fight in court, Riot Games has formally dropped its lawsuit against Moonton Games. In its place, they’ve come to a mutual agreement, signing a settlement to resolve their differences once and for all.

The journey to this resolution has been long and arduous. It began with Riot Games’ initial complaints about Mobile Legends’ similarities to League of Legends back in 2016. Since then, there have been numerous legal actions and counteractions, with both sides fiercely defending their intellectual property rights.


One of the main challenges in resolving this dispute has been determining where the lawsuits should be heard. The involvement of Chinese courts added complexity to the legal proceedings, leading to delays and complications along the way. Despite previous attempts to find a solution, the disagreement persisted, causing strain between the two gaming giants.


Now, with the announcement of this global settlement, there’s hope for a brighter future. While the exact terms of the agreement remain confidential, the fact that both parties have reached a compromise is a positive step forward. It not only brings an end to years of legal wrangling but also opens the door to potential collaboration and cooperation between Riot Games and Moonton Games in the future.

For fans of their games, this news comes as a relief. It means they can look forward to seeing their favorite titles continue to thrive without the shadow of legal disputes hanging over them. As Riot Games and Moonton embark on this new chapter, there’s optimism that it will pave the way for greater innovation and creativity in the gaming industry.

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