RGB Gadgets: Time to spice up your gear

It’s more fun when there are lights in your gadgets, especially when they’re color changing. We’ve always found RGB lighting in devices amusing. And every time they first light up, we couldn’t help our woaaah and ooh reactions as they start to bring specific moods to us. So here are more RGB gadgets to spice up your everyday tech:

RGB LED strips

Hype up your monitors or TVs with RGB LED strips that you can easily install on your own. If you want it to be more customizable, then go for the Philips Hue Lightstrip (starts at PHP 1,960) or the Yeelight Lightstrip (starts at PHP 2,570) which you can control through the Yeelight app.


JBL Pulse 3

For RGB speakers, our top pick is the JBL Pulse 3 (PHP 10,995). Although there are a lot available in the market like the Sony SRS-XB31 (PHP 7,419) or the Logitech G560 Lightsync (PHP 12,499) speakers, this one is like a versatile lava lamp that you can bring everywhere (even underwater). We also found the JBL Jr Pop (PHP 1,999) a cool RGB speaker for kids.

Yeelight LED Bulb (Color)

Get that specific light color depending on your mood with the Yeelight LED color bulb (PHP 1,130). No need to set up special wiring or complicated installation, simply tweak it via the Yeelight app. 

Logitech G213 RGB Gaming Keyboard

For Keyboards, you can have fun with Logitech’s gaming keyboards like the G213 (PHP 3,500) that not only has RGB lighting but also media controls. Moreover, it’s one of those keyboards that’s 4x faster than standard ones.

Razer Mamba Elite

Complete your gaming station with a Chroma mouse like the Razer Mamba Elite (PHP 5,499) paired with a Hard Firefly Edition gaming mat (PHP 3,399)  if you’re really serious about this.

Are you ready to take your station and other devices RGB powered? Share your experiences with us in the comments as well as the ones we might have missed.

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