Rapoo VPro VH600 Gaming Headset Hands-on

The last piece of gaming peripheral sent to us by Rapoo is a gaming headset capable of 7.1 virtual surround sound with LED lighting. Here’s our quick hands-on of the Rapoo VPro VH600.

The VPro VH600 is a large gaming headset with interesting features to entice gamers. First off, it’s a comfortable headset thanks to its large, soft earcups that also isolates sound neatly. Also, the headphone automatically fits on your headset.

To access the features, there’s a built-in remote with 4 buttons. The first one with a ‘sun’ logo lights up the RGB lighting present on the headphone. Pressing the button cycles through different colors of your choice. The ‘3D’ button turns on the 7.1 virtual surround sound for supported games.

The third button from the top activates the intelligent vibration units on both earcups. It basically acts as a bass enhancer for low-frequency sound without turning up the volume. This would be delightful for explosions, gun fires, and the likes during gaming. Lastly, there’s a mute button for the retractable and adjustable noise-cancelling microphone located on the left ear.

We do find to be VH600 to be a good companion for other gaming peripherals that already has RGB lighting like the V810 mechanical keyboard and V280 gaming mouse we also have on hand. It also sounds nice with adequate volume. We did like the vibrating function that adds depth during an action.

Since the headphone needs to draw power to light up the RGB lighting and vibrating motors, it connects through a USB connection with the PC. The cable is surprisingly well-built with braids to ensure durability.

The Rapoo VPro VH600 is priced at Php2,945

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