Pokemon GO users now on a steady decline

There’s no doubt that Pokemon GO is one of the (if not THE) biggest mobile game of 2016. The number of users have skyrocketed in just a span of days and pretty much became a part of today’s pop culture. Although this was the case back then, a report now shows that users have decreased by millions and have been continuing to do so.


The report comes from Apptopia’s data that shows an active daily player count of around 45 million back in July. As of August 16, 2016, the number of daily active users plummetted to only 30 million and is still on a steady decline.

There are a number of possible factors for this decline like the absence of battling/trading with other players and the lack of that bond with your Pokemon just like in the old game. Nevertheless, during the latest update of the game, Niantic mentioned that they are working on bringing new and exciting things into the game so  we’re looking forward to that. With these upcoming updates, they might just persuade those who stopped playing to get back up on the saddle and aim to be the very best once again.

Although here in the Philippines, I personally haven’t noticed a significant decline in players and could still see a bunch of people in one spot — waiting for Poke Stops to refresh and catching Pokemon using lures and incense.

Were you one of those who stopped playing the game? If so, why? The comments section awaits.



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  1. Yeah, I have the same comment with the other people who have played Pokémon games either through Nintendo consoles or emulator. Pokémon Go has a different take of the game which I also respect. Wala na kasing Pokémon battles (in catching Pokémon, in battling other players, gyms and league) wherein ma-tetest talaga ang kaalaman at skills ng isang Pokémon trainer. Sa gym, mayroon ngang battle pero napakalayo sa actual game. Also, walang Pokémon Center. So, yun, isa yun sa mga reasons why I stopped playing (though I was very eager na laruin ang game). But just as I said, I respect Niantic for that kasi they also have their own take of the game, which hindi lang siguro nag-appeal sa akin at sa ibang players.

  2. Avatar for Eric Montemayor Eric Montemayor says:

    Maganda sana like the original pokemon. Yung kakalabanin mo ung pokemon na nkikita mo.. and then u get exp and level up ur pokemon.. and sana may room battle for player vs player. Hindi ung hahanap ka pa ng gym. Hehe

  3. Avatar for Siopao Master Siopao Master says:

    Goodbye bandwagoners hah

  4. Avatar for Mike Mike says:

    Pokemon is supposed to be a fun game where you advance based on how you train/progress your Pokemon. Pokemon Go just murdered that aspect of previous pokemon game by Nintendo. It’s all about grinding only to have that extra tick in your level number that has no actual significant value (i.e. rattatas/pidgeys getting out of ultraball) in gameplay. The pokemon you got early on has no value as soon as you get a new one with higher CP that will also be replaced after a few days. Nothing really much to look forward to as it is now but will go back as soon as Niantic starts to listen to the players and make the actual “Pokemon game”.

  5. Avatar for Pokefan1998 Pokefan1998 says:

    Unlike the previous Pokemon games, yung Pokemon Go kase, hindi nagooffer ng wild pokemon battles, trainer battles, trading system, etc. Wala rin siyang libreng Pokemon Center to heal your pokemons, tsaka puzzles man lang para makuha ang isang crucial item haha. And, napakapanget nung manghuhuli ka pa ng duplicate pokemons just to level it up.
    So yeah. As a Pokefan, di pa ko masyadong contented sa Pokemon Go.

  6. Avatar for Dangie Dangie says:

    As it is mentioned, it lacks some features like the PvP and trading system. I hope they add those soon with the inclusion of training your Pokemon just like in the Monster Rancher games.

  7. Avatar for Yuja Yuja says:

    data plan problems. although they have free data just for pokemon go… nah

  8. Avatar for kennz kennz says:

    The reason people quit is the sheers number of pidgeys and rattatas. Its exciting to catch other types of pokemon other than rattata, pidgey or spearow. Even during lure parties you only get rattata and pidgeys which is really sad. They should also release the new tracker soon. People who do not use pokemon radar apps or maps just walk around without a place to get to. No purpose, just walking in circles.

    • Avatar for Dougie Dougie says:

      If you’ve played the Game Boy/DS/3DS games, common Pokemon like Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat can be found everywhere, and you need to do a bit of traveling to find other Pokemon, so Pokemon GO accurately follows that.

      Don’t know why people complain a lot about buying Pokeballs when it’s more difficult to obtain them in the actual games–you need to buy them at a PokeMart or Pokemon Center (in the newer games) and travel to a town to get them. Pasalamat kayo at Niantic provided PokeStops, which don’t exist in the actual games, where you can get Pokeballs for FREE. Oh, and those moaning about the lack of PokeStops? Blame Ingress, as Niantic just used Ingress data to establish locations of PokeStops and Gyms.

  9. Avatar for Mark Marcelo Mark Marcelo says:

    Three reasons:

    Its expensive – you have to buy Poke Balls, Incense and other stuff. If you don’t have enough Pokeballs you have to buy in which you will be charged on your load or plan.

    Lack of Poke stops – Although there are poke stops in malls, they lack Poke Stops in other places.

    Slow internet connection – We all know how slow our state of internet here. Plus Pokemon Go sips a lot of battery because it uses GPS and LTE. it really drains battery a lot unless you are using phone with big batteries.

    • Avatar for loudawg loudawg says:

      You obviously haven’t played the game long enough to know how it works.

      The game is FREE. You can play the game without purchasing anything. Pokeballs can be easily obtained by visiting pokestops. If you want to get the edge from other trainers, then you can purchase items that’ll boost your leveling.

      True, there have been reports that there aren’t enough pokestops in rural areas. But if you live in the metro area, they’re everywhere.

      I have a Globe postpaid plan with a 5GB cap. There are some areas that have weak signals and I agree, the mobile data here in the Philippines is crap. As far as the game draining your cellphone battery out, that’s where power banks come in. They’re pretty affordable and almost everyone who plays Pokemon Go uses one.

  10. Avatar for Alf C Alf C says:

    Pokemon Go players are on the decline probably because most of them just jumped on the bandwagon and do not really have a connection with the game compared to those who have played the Gameboy version of the game or watched the cartoons in the early 2000s. On top of that, I think that the game as it is today lacks minigames such as puzzles/quests within the game itself and a story that can engage players.

  11. Avatar for jong pogi jong pogi says:

    Paulit ulit lang ang ginagawa. Walang bago. Nakakasawa

    • Avatar for HungHang SPOTTED HungHang SPOTTED says:

      Eh di wag mong laruin. nakikiuso ka lang eh. Hahaha

      this game was intended for POKEMON fanatics. NOT just to be in.

      It was not launched just for YOU to play. it’s WORLDWIDE. Hindi kawalan ng Niantic kung hindi ka maglaro. Hahaha

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