Movies we wish had Video Game adaptations

Movies and video games have a fair share of similarities. Despite games being more interactive and the movies being passive, they both tell a story, have vibrant characters and evil villains.  To some extent, video games already feel like a film, and likewise, films look like its straight out of a video game. So, I made a list of a bunch of movies that I think would be awesome if they turned them into games.

Edge of Tomorrow

A film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, which is also based on the manga, All you need is Kill. The film takes place in the future where there is an alien invasion, The main protagonist, William Cage gets exposed to one of the aliens and would get the ability to go back in time when he dies. With every element that is in the movie, I think its game would look something like in Halo or Gears of War.

Guardians of the Galaxy

This list won’t be complete without a movie from the MCU, and I feel like Guardians of the Galaxy would be a great game with its amazing characters that makes them unique compared to other movies. The films also have great plots because of its sci-fi elements which makes it quite versatile if converted into a game. I feel like the game would look something like No Man’s Sky meets Borderlands.


This one is probably one of the most mind-bottling films ever made, which is about therapists who could enter dreams. Christopher Nolan’s film “Inception” was heavily influenced by this movie because it has a very interesting plot. I see the game being a cross between Persona 5 and Kingdom Hearts. I know that it might be hard to imagine, but I think there are certain elements of the film that I feel like are just way too unique to be compared to any game.

12 Monkeys

When a deadly virus wipes out all of humanity, desperate times mean desperate measures, Cole a prisoner living in the remnants of Philadelphia, is tasked to go back in time and find the virus so that scientists could make a cure. With its amazing premise, I see this game looking like PlayStation 2 classic TimeSplitters if ever turned into a game.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Loosely based on the life of the iconic Former American President,  Abraham Lincoln, who in the morning is a very influential politician and at night a vampire slayer. I find this movie perfect if made into the game since it possesses a lot of great themes such as politics, history, and of course, Vampires! If turned into a game, I feel like it would be a Vampire-themed Assassin’s Creed.

The Revenant

This 2015 film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, and it’s about Hugh Grant, a frontiersman, who seeks to avenge his son from the notorious deserter John Fitzgerald. DiCaprio’s performance was so good that it earned him an Oscar. If this were turned into a game, it would be something like the Red Dead Redemption meets Assassin’s Creed III because of the film’s era and its elements.

Once upon a time in Hollywood

This is probably my favorite Tarantino film because of its humor and, of course, its era. The film is about a semi washed-up actor named Rick Dalton who is trying to stay relevant. It is also set in 1969, which marks the end of the golden age of Hollywood, the start of hippies, Psychedelic drugs, and well, the Manson Murders. With a crazy movie like this, I feel like it would need an insane developer as well, and in my opinion, I feel like the guys responsible for GTA is just perfect!


Originally from a novel written by one of my favorite writers, Neil Gaiman, the film is about Tristian and is set in the fictional magical kingdom of Stormhold, where he sends himself to a quest to collect a piece of a fallen star. To his surprise is a beautiful woman named Yvaine. The film has all the fantasy elements that you would want in a game such as witches, magic, and a lot more, so I feel like it would be a cross between Dragon Age and The Witcher is ever turned into a game.

Doctor Sleep

Another film based on a great author, Stephen King and a sequel to one of the scariest films ever made The Shining, which is directed by legendary director Stanley Kubrick. Doctor Sleep takes place years after the incident in The Overlook Hotel. Danny is all grown up and is now an alcoholic from his traumas must protect a girl possessing the same psychic abilities that he has from an evil cult that preys on children who have the light. If I were to translate this into a game, I feel like the best approach is to take the Horror-Survival route borrowing elements from the Silent Hill franchise. Kubrick + Silent Hill = Probably the scariest game ever made.

There are a lot of great films in this current era that can totally carry its greatness if turned into a game, and the fine line in Video games and movies are almost non-existent, which I hope would pave more opportunities for more game adaptations. If you have your own list of movies you wish had game adaptations, please do share them in the comments below. Stay safe and happy gaming.

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