Minecraft YouTubers Dream, George finally meet in person

Dream and GeorgeNotTaken in their latest video showed that the two popular Minecraft YouTubers finally met in person at Florida, USA.

Dreamxgeorge Hug

Dream and George meet in person for the first time | Image/ GeorgeNotFound

George uploaded the video ‘I Met Dream In Real Life’ on his YT channel GeorgeNotFound on October 4 (PH time) a day after Dream did a face reveal in his separate video ‘hi, I’m Dream.’ which has now garnered over 27 million views and was at #2 on YT Trending.

George says that he has long been attempting to fly to America to move-in together with Dream along with Sapnap—also their friend who plays Minecraft online with them.

However, he said certain circumstances halted him to do so, such as the pandemic restrictions and him having no US Visa.

George even joked that in order to get a US Visa, he needed to marry Dream “to get a green card.”

“I researched day and night and finally worked it out. I just had to wait and I did finally got my Visa,” George said.

George’s video description also read, “I met Dream in real life finally… We’ve been online friends for what feels like my whole life and this is our first time meeting in person. This was one of the best weeks of my life.”

George also explained that once he gets a US Visa, Dream promised him that he will reveal his face and he finally did.

Dream said in his video that another reason why he did the face reveal now is that he wanted to meet his fellow creators and of course his best friends.

Dream has been faceless in the community for a long time, with just a green palette patched with a smiley face as his display photos, and he even bunkered himself from the people who are trying to leak his face.

“My goal was just start doing things. Get out, meet creators, say hi to my friends… just get out in the world be an actual creator,” Dream said.

Dream George Sapnap

(From left) Sapnap, Dream, and George | Image/ GeorgeNotFound

Moving forward, the three of them—George, Dream, and Sapnap—will be living together at the ‘DreamTeam’ house in Orlando, Florida with their gaming rigs ready for streaming and creating more content.

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