miHoYo’s Honkai: Star Rail available on April 26

From the makers of Genshin Impact and Guns Girl, miHoYo is about to release the 4th installment in the Honkai series: Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is a free-to-play game with a turn-based combat system and a gacha feature. The game is set in a different universe and features different iterations of prior characters from earlier games.

The following are the confirmed characters of the game so far as of March 27:

Character nameRarityElementPath
Arlan4 StarsLightningThe Destruction
Asta4 StarsFireThe Harmony
Bailu5 StarsLightningThe Abundance
Blade5 StarsWindThe Destruction
Bronya5 StarsWindThe Harmony
Clara5 StarsPhysicalThe Destruction
Dan Heng4 StarsWindThe Hunt
Fu Xuan5 StarsQuantumThe Preservation
Gepard5 StarsIceThe Preservation
Herta4 StarsIceThe Erudition
Himeko5 StarsFireThe Erudition
Hook4 StarsFireThe Destruction
Jing Yuan5 StarsLightningThe Erudition
Kafka5 StarsLightningThe Nihility
Luocha5 StarsImaginaryThe Abundance
March 7th4 StarsIceThe Preservation
Natasha4 StarsPhysicalThe Abundance
Pela4 StarsIceThe Nihility
Qingque4 StarsQuantumThe Erudition
Sampo4 StarsWindThe Nihility
Seele5 StarsQuantumThe Hunt
Serval4 StarsLightningThe Erudition
Silver Wolf5 StarsQuantumThe Nihility
Sushang4 StarsPhysicalThe Hunt
Tingyun4 StarsLightningThe Harmony
Trailblazer5 StarsPhysical/FireThe Destruction (Physical)/The Preservation(Fire)
Welt5 StarsImaginaryThe Nihility
Yanqing5 StarsIceThe Hunt

There are seven elements in the game so far and they are the following: Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Quantum and Imaginary.

Along with this, there is also Paths which is similar to a character class. Currently, there are a total of 14 paths, but only 7 are confirmed to be playable. These paths are Abundance (Heal), Destruction (DPS), Erudition (Multiple target DPS), Harmony (Utility Support), Hunt (Single target DPS), Nihility (Debuff), and Preservation (Defense)

The Astral Express, a space train that transports you around the game’s universe, allows you to go to several worlds in this future environment. Players will traverse to different locations — from the snow plains of Jarilo-IV to the Herta Space Station.

Honkai: Star Rail will be accessible on Windows, iOS, and Android on April 26. Ports for PlayStation 4 and 5 will follow in the future.

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