Magic: The Gathering, March of the Machine

One of the latest Magic: The Gathering sets to be released by Wizards of the Coast is the “March of the Machines” (April 21, 2023). This new release features legendary cards from across the planes have been reprinted together to fight the Phyrexian scourge.

The first time I played Magic: The Gathering (MTG) was way back in 1998 and the last time I had a deck was in 2014 so my memory of this game is a little rusty, to say the least. With this new set that we got, I had to go back to the storage room and rummage for my old set.

However, for those of you that are not familiar with MTG, here is a quick refresher:

In MTG, players take on the role of powerful wizards, known as Planeswalkers, who summon creatures, cast spells, and use artifacts to defeat their opponents. The game is known for its depth, strategy, and intricate mechanics, as well as its large and dedicated player base. The cards in Magic: The Gathering are released in sets, with new sets added regularly to keep the game fresh and evolving.

The March of Machine set is sort of a refresh of some surprising and awesome cards of old.

Featured in this set of “March of the Machine” is a transforming double-faced card. Here’s a quick mechanics you can follow:

There are other transforming double-faced cards (TDFCs) in the set and you’ll be surprised to get a few of them in your Booster set.

Here are some of the recommended best cards in the March of the Machine card series so be on the look out for them:

  • Thalia and The Gitrog Monster
  • Urabrask / The Great Work
  • Pile On
  • Zephyr Singer
  • Invasion of Shandalar / Leyline Surge
  • Polukranos Reborn / Polukranos, Engine of Ruin
  • Sunfall
  • Invasion of New Phyrexia / Teferi Akosa of Zhalfir

There were also several interesting arts cards we got from the set of booster packs we opened. An art card is a regular sized collectible bonus card that comes with some MTG boosters.

Some would say that March of the Machine might be the best set for Commander ever and we kind of agree to an extent.

MTG is a great strategy game, whether you play it with the cards or online. It requires you to be very familiar with each of the colors and how to combine them to maximize their effect against other players.

It’s both an investment in time and money but it is well worth it when you are a collector as well. Some of the rare cards in MTG are traded for much higher value that what you originally get them. The secondary market is what drive these cards to expensive levels.

You can check out MTG on their official website here or you can check them out in card shops or hobby stores near you.

A set booster pack will set you back somewhere between Php250 to Php300 or you cna get a booster box worth Php8,000 to Php12,500, depending on the series release.

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