Chumbi Valley and CHMB Token: Should you spend and play?

Just when you thought that those little balls of monsters from Axie Infinity or the uniquely created plants from Plants vs Undead are the cutest things in the P2E world, you come across this— Chumbi Valley. Chumbi Valley is an enchanting role-playing blockchain game built on Polygon, and it will be accessible to Android, iOS, and PC. But what is it? What can we expect from this upcoming game? Find out as we delve into the valley. Let’s go.

Authors Note: The article presented leans to the informative side, not a financial guide. Most information gathered comes from the developer’s Litepaper and roadmaps.

What is Chumbi valley?

According to its Litepaper, Chumbi Valley is an enchanting role-playing blockchain game built on Polygon. The devs shared that the players will be the central driving force behind it. The game itself will offer an enjoyable and straightforward experience for those with minimal understanding of blockchain gaming. And for those taking close glances at what Chumbi Valley is, yes, the devs have shared that its visuals were heavily inspired by games such as Zelda, Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and Studio Ghibli. That explains why these creatures are so gosh darn adorable.

To briefly explain these creatures, a Chumbi is an adorable bipedal creature that inhibits the lush valley. They have a spiritual connection to the forest and use magical spells to protect it. The devs also note that starting in the valley will be free, and players will receive an Ancestor Chumbi, to begin with; however, it cannot be sold or traded.

How does it work?

Like Plants vs Undead have PVU tokens and LE, Chumbi Valley has Chumbi Tokens (CHMB) and Lucky Stars (LSTS). The Chumbi Token or CHMB will be deeply tied to the game’s ecosystem, and its value will be directly linked to the game’s success. The Litepaper notes that CHMB is deflationary, and players/investors will be incentivized to hold them. This provides a natural, healthy price growth for the game, which is achieved from the following:

• CHMB as the primary form of in-game currency – covering things like breeding fees, Sage fees, Wandering Trader items, land plots, Marketplace purchases, and more.
• Players who hold CHMB will be entitled to the right to own the game and participate in governance voting, which directs its growth as it moves forward.
• CHMB presents holders with staking opportunities. Locking up CHMB will entitle its owner to staking yield, treasury yield, and NFT airdrops based on their’ holding score’.

It doesn’t stop there; Chumbi Valley also has Lucky Stars or LSTS, designed to power the play-to-earn economy. As stated in its Litepaper, LSTS will be required in four core Chumbi mechanics: breeding, leveling, spells, and happiness.

How to get started

Are you keeping up so far? Well, you cannot start with this just yet because Chumbi Valley doesn’t have its tokens available. As of writing, Chumbi Valley is still in Stage 1 and has just released its Litepaper. Their Twitter account has shared that some fake tokens are posing as CHMB, but they are iterating that these are complete fakes.

Do prepare your MetaMask and Binance accounts just in case Chumbi Valley uses these platforms. Then, at least you will be ready to get the cart rolling as soon as their token becomes available.

How to play and earn

As mentioned previously, the game is inspired by Pokemon elements—literally. Chumbi Valley has its own elements for the Chumbi creatures, such as your staple neutral, flame, forest, river, spark, crystal, etc. With all those elements, you will have elemental weaknesses and strengths—quite exciting. With that in mind, the game will feature a battle system that will provide XP to your respective Chumbi.

For other core gameplay, the game will feature the following:

Forest Home – Players and their Chumbi will live off the land and expand the team by gathering resources to craft usable NFT.
Exploration – Players can explore randomly generated terrain in various biomes to find rare NFT items that can benefit the team—it will also feature cycles for time, seasons and weather.
Farming – Seeds can be used to start a farm which can be either tokenized or combined with Lucky Stars to make your Chumbi’s favorite food—if PokeBlocks came to your mind while reading this, just know that I also thought the same.
Offline Earning – When sending your Chumbi to the Chumbi Sage, they can collect tokenized resources and learn spells.
Chumbi Lending – Chumbi Valley will feature a safe built-in system that will allow anyone to lend or borrow Chumbi; the owner can then automatically collect an adjustable percent of earnings made from the borrowed Chumbi.
Chumbi Village – Players can own plots of land with NFT ownership, giving access to special events.

Now you might be wondering, ‘How do I earn from this?’, well, my crypto-esteemed friend, the Litepaper, states that players have multiple ways of earning in the game. These paths cover the following:

• Battling cursed Chumbi and other Players
• Farming and selling forest crops
• Offline farm using Chumbi spells
• Crafting and selling rare NFT items
• Exploration and finding rare NFTs
• Completion of in-game quests
• Breeding rare Chumbi
• Chumbi Lending program
• Buying and selling Land Plots
• Earning from the Shrine of Giving
• Chumbi Treasury rewards
• Chumbi Token Staking rewards

Specific details about the earning paths mentioned above have not been shared yet. But, again, Chumbi is currently at its first stage.

Should I get into it?

You got adorable creatures, PVP, PVE, offline training feature, and even a lending feature. Chumbi Valley is looking promising, in my opinion. It gives me the whole Pokemon team vibes that I had back when I was ten years old with all its promised features. Personally, I am looking forward to its battle system; players have 15 elements to collect and play with, which adds longevity to its overall approach.

Note that the game has not been released yet, nor has its token been solidified into the market. Therefore, the article and judgment made were based purely on the Litepaper released. But as a gentle reminder, keep in mind that this game will require real money at a certain point. So if you want to pay for a ride to the valley, make sure it is money you are ready to part with.

And there you have it, a rundown of this adorable and promising blockchain game. What are your thoughts on this? Do you get strong Pokemon battle vibes from this? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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