Blockchain game ‘Mighty Catcher’ now available on Android and iOS

The 1st live-streaming crane game called Mighty Catcher has made its way to the Philippines and is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

Mighty Catcher lets players try the game out for free and practice before actually investing to start its play-to-earn feature. The virtual claw machine game features real-time controls with no lag, allowing beginners to turn a profit with daily login rewards and advanced players to combine skill and hard work to get a bigger outcome.

Note that Mighty Catcher will soon be accredited on BSC GameFi where play-to-earn gamers can track their yield, item values, and trade in-game items. As part of the GameFi features, Mighty catcher rolled out the new Play to Earn package at 7,880 Mcoins which is roughly PHP 5,180. In combination with the monthly subscription at about PHP 440, gamers can gain about 93% return of investment in 30 days based on a number of blockchain and NFT-based gamers’ studies. Mighty Catcher offers practice sessions for its gameplay modes across simple, normal and hard difficulty levels.

Mighty Catcher is now available on Android and iOS. For more information click here.

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