Bethesda teases DOOM Eternal

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E3 2018 is well underway and today it was Bethesda’s turn to whet the appetite of its fan base and the people of the gaming world. One of their big bombs was a teaser of a direct sequel title to their 2016 DOOM reboot — DOOM Eternal.

Doom Eternal

Nothing much was revealed though as they only showed a small cinematic snippet of the game. More details and gameplay footage will be revealed at this coming Quakecon in August. Bethesda’s DOOM reboot was well-received and went on to prosper in multiple gaming platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. Check out the teaser video below.

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Bethesda Creative director Hugo Martin promises that the DOOM slayer will now have more powerful toys and the game’s demons are now twice as many. What’s building the hype though are the surprises that Bethesda is hiding.

“You want the DOOM Slayer to feel even more powerful? We’ve got it. You want even more badass demons? There are twice as many in this game. You want to see Hell on Earth? We just teased it. But what we’re most excited about is showing you some of the things that you might not be expecting.” Hugo Martin, Bethesda Creative Director

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