Anito Legends to be available on PC, Mac, Android, iOS

Anito Legends, a Filipino-developed P2E game, will be made available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS this June 2022.

Anito Legends Ios

After announcing its closed beta signups, Anito Legends is now open to play for everyone. The team is hoping to grow its database of over 1,200+ testers. Anito Legends is Philippine folklore and mythology-inspired. The auto-battle casual title needs to build and gear up a team of three (3) Anitos. The game is available in single and multiplayer modes where gamers would need to complete runs to be rewarded with in-game currency, weapons, armor, and other crafting materials.

Anito Legends Android

To be able to earn, Anito Legends will have two tokens $LARO and $GINTO. $LARO will be the one used to buy Anito in the upcoming marketplaces and premium items, while on the other hand $GINTO can be gotten in-game and can be used to summon more Anitos or craft better gear.

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