Alben Tan’s Davao map takes 4th in Overwatch’s SEA map design contest

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In Overwatch’s 2020 Southeast Asia Map Design Contest, Alben Tan’s Davao map won the 4th and took the 1st place in the Popularity Awards.

Overwatch Map Design Davao 1

The concept map is heavily influenced by popular Filipino themes, including the prevalence of several popular stores such as Jollibee (renamed as Jollebei), 711 (renamed as 7 Elven), Palawan Pawnshop (renamed as Polowan Pawnshop), and sari-sari stores with the iconic “Bawal Umutang” sign nationwide. It includes a vehicle design for tricycles, as well as traditional City Hall architecture with a clock tower.
Overwatch Map Design Davao 2

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The overall theme is also Filipino, with palm trees near the City Hall, rainbow-colored umbrellas close to what appears to be a street vendor stall, and fiesta designs hanging overhead.

Check out other map designs, and winners here.

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Ma Theresa David Soriano
1 year ago

Bakit po hanganh ngayon wala pako natatangap na ayida ng sap2
Me sac from nman po at nakita ko na po ang nme ko sa qc eservice dswd bemeficiary
Pero wala pa po ako natatangap mula sa dswd

Mary Ann Seldo
Mary Ann Seldo
2 years ago

Bkt po aq nkatanggap ng OTP Code,,ndi nmn po aq nbgyan ng pgkktaon na mkkuha ng SAC form

Arceli pantonial gomez
Arceli pantonial gomez
2 years ago

Oo beneficiary ako Ng SAP

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