Torchlight III Early Access now available on Steam

Perfect World Entertainment, Inc has released Torchlight III for early access on Steam.

Currently, the early access is only available in Multiplayer mode, where you may be able to play in parties of four. Public spaces such as towns will be shared with other players, up to 40 per instance. There are four playable classes to choose from, with two complete Acts, dozens of quests and a player-created custom Fort feature, and over 100 legendary items to discover.

When the full game is released in summer, players can play both online and offline, with access to all playable content. It features the same linear world structure as the first two installments of the Torchlight franchise, with the same mechanics and gameplay that fans love. After selecting a unique character, players will also choose a pet to accompany them, which includes a fluffy alpaca, a swift owl, or a loyal canine retriever.

Perfect World Entertainment did confirm that there will be a wipe at the end of Early Access, so you may not be able to keep your progress once the full version rolls out.

You may purchase the game on Early Access on Steam for PHP 769.95.

Check out the full trailer below:

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