A Beginner’s Guide to Adorable Home

We’re sure that you’ve stumbled across this game either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even have heard it from your friends, family, or even grandma. Created by Hyperbeard, this game uses love as its main currency—cool, right? The charming and cuddly game described is called Adorable Home, and we’re providing a quick guide on how you can make your house a home. Let’s begin!

Love is the name of the game

Adorable Home is mostly an idle game; you don’t have to do much except give love to your cats, your significant other, and every other living being in-game. With that being said, you can play some mini-games with your cats, which include: stroking, nail cutting, and bathing your cats.

In my experience, stroking the cat leans towards the more random area; there’s no definite place where your cat would like to get petted. For the other mini-games, some tips can make your “lovin” experience much more efficient.

Initially, one would swipe from left to right when cutting nails of their adorable feline friend, but this isn’t an efficient way of going at it. Instead, it would be much quicker to rapidly tap between the claw that you desire to cut, saving time and pain for everyone.

For bath time, this requires more timing and smart positioning. What I recommend is laying your phone flat on whatever flat surface you have and only tilting it accordingly for the purrfect temperature. When it lands on the green zone, that’s your signal to move the showerhead above the cat. After that, quickly move it to the side again. When you complete a heart, the temperature would usually spike towards the red, so quickly counter it with a tilt to the left. Rinse and repeat the previous steps.

A bento meal is a must for your significant other in the game. Don’t forget about preparing a bento meal for your spouse before they go to work because it gives a pretty good amount of love. Each combination produces different amounts of love, so try to get creative with the combinations. The food looks super yummy too, which may also give you an idea of what your next meal would be.

If you give your spouse food, don’t forget to feed all your cats as well. Each meal has a different cooldown depending on its price. Love points earned from feeding cats range from 18 – 35. You can consider this as your primary source of income, especially if you’re a player who can’t frequently drop by to pet the feline friends but still would like to buy that expensive piano set for the living room.

More cats equal to more love

If you want to earn more love points at a faster rate, consider buying all the cats in the shopping menu. Each cat costs a hefty amount of love, but honestly, who wouldn’t want more adorable kitties in their living quarters?

There is also an option to purchase love. If you’re not up to using real money to purchase love points, we suggest going through a 20-30 second video ad at the end of every mini-game. It doubles the number of love points that you earn; it’s time-consuming, but at least it’s free.

When you finally have the yarn rolling, try to unlock the garden and bedroom as it’ll allow creatures to visit you from time to time. These creatures will also want to share their love with you. More space for customization and personalization can also bring in more cute memories for you to capture.

This game doesn’t take too much time to maintain. Around 5-10 minutes of your time would be enough to go through everything. However, I’d like to note that it would be initially hard to grind love for the items you would like to purchase, but that is part of the game.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give this game a try! Tell us your experiences (or tips and tricks) in the comments below because we would love to know your adorable moments.

This article was written by Louigi Balao. 

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