10 online games you should be playing right now!

Online games have become our ‘new normal’ when it comes to hanging out with friends due to the ongoing pandemic. It has allowed us to have fun and bond with them even if we can’t meet with them like we used to. And because of that, I have listed down a few online games that I believe you and your friends will surely enjoy!

Genshin Impact

Platforms: PS4, PC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch

Come play this free to play, open-world, gacha game that everyone is talking about right. Explore this game’s vast world, be captivated by its rich Anime-like story, and it’s gaming mechanics that heavily resemble Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with your friends! But do take note that you will need to grind a few levels to unlock the multiplayer feature. Download the game here!

Among Us

Platforms: iOS, Android, and PC

This list wouldn’t be complete without even mentioning this game. Among Us is a very fun party game where you and your friends will be split into two roles which are the Crewmates, responsible for launching the ship, and the Imposters who will kill the crewmates. This game will pretty much you and your friends engaged as you guys try to figure out who is the Killer among yourselves.  What a way to test your friendship! The game is priced at 150 PHP on Steam but is free on Mobile.

Rogue Company

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch

Looking for a great third-person shooter? Rogue Company is a tactical shooter that puts the world’s faith in your sweaty palms. The game lets you play Elite Agents with each having a unique set of skills and besides that, the game also has different game modes to keep you entertained, and also, did I mention that this game is FREE on Epic Games, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Switch? So… what are you waiting for?

Hyper Scape

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Are you bored playing those already popular Battle Royale games? We have a game for you! Hyper Scape is a Free to play BR game that takes inspiration from the popular book Ready Player One. The game transports you into the futuristic world in its metaverse and lets you battle other players in a sport called Crown Rush. The game is very fast-paced and highly competitive it also has this Twitch Integration which lets you viewers decide the outcome of the match, so if you want to start that streaming career wear that tank-top and hop on this game! It’s free for the Ubisoft game Launcher, Playstation, and Xbox!

Phantasy Star Online 2


Platforms: PC, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

Explore new worlds and fight enormous monsters with this free to play MMO! The game lets you create your unique character and choose from a wide variety of classes with unique special skills. Embark your space journey with your friends! This game is available for FREE on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Switch!

Destiny 2

Platforms: PS4, PC, and Xbox One

If you’re looking for a less anime like space MMO, Destiny 2 probably the game for you! It’s a free-to-play first-person shooter where it lets you explore sci/fi space worlds as you customize your very own guardian’s look and playstyle. This game also has a great story mode you can play if you’re tired of its multiplayer. It is free to play on Steam, Xbox, and the PlayStation!

World of Tanks Blitz

Platforms: PS4, PC, and Xbox One

Are you and your friends huge war-themed game enthusiasts? World of Tanks Blitz should be a great game to satisfy that wargaming need. You and your friends will get to play a variety of tanks and will be placed randomly against other players on a map where you will have to destroy every vehicle. Get this game for free on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox!


Platforms: PS4, PC, and Xbox One

Now if you guys are looking for more variety than just tanks, I would suggest that you should try War Thunder, This game will not only let you play as tanks but also ships and planes from the World War 2 and the Cold War! This game is available for most platforms and is free on Steam, Xbox, and the Playstation!


Unleash you and your friends’ creative side in this beautiful game where you can explore or build a world of your own. This game is probably one of the best and established games on this list and it has been years since the release and it stayed consistent throughout. It is a great game for all ages. However, it’s not free and cost around PHP 1,319 for its PC version and the game comes with the Xbox Membership.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Play your favorite Champions anywhere with the new mobile version of the popular MOBA, Riot Games’ League of Legends for Android. and soon on iOS! Although, still in its testing stages the game is still pretty solid. Wild Rift stays consistent with its original counterpart and will be a fun free-to-play game for you and your friends to enjoy on your mobile phones.

If there is one thing that we gamers can do well is adapting to change. While we can’t go out like we used to, we can use these games and platforms to spend quality time with our friends.

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