Sony now offers PlayStation 5 Genshin Impact Starter Bundle

If you haven’t started your journey in Genshin Impact and haven’t bought a PlayStation 5 just yet, well here’s a good reason to do so. Sony has just announced the new PlayStation 5 Genshin Impact starter set with pre-sales starting on January 20, while the official launch will happen on January 26. There is a catch though, it’s only available in China for now.

The announcement was made by the official PlayStation account on Bilibili. The PlayStation 5 Genshin Impact starter set includes the new disc drive version of the PS5 Slim along with a PS5 Genshin Impact starter set redemption card.

Ps5 Genshin Bundle

For the Genshin Impact fans, the PS5 included in the bundle appears to be a normal white PS5. No special skins or livery here, unfortunately. But what you do get in the bundle is a 4-star Skin Selector, a limited edition Namecard, 800 Primogems, 10 Hero’s Wits, and 10,000 Mora. It’s not enough Primogems for a 10-pull, but at least it’s something.

What really interests us is the Skin Selector. You can effectively choose any of the 4-star skins so far until, and given its release date, it might include Ganyu and Shenhe’s new outfits. However, you won’t be able to choose Diluc’s Red Dead of Night skin since it is a 5-star skin.

There is some bad news though, just because you get the skin doesn’t mean you get the character as well. So if you haven’t pulled for any of the characters with the 4-star skins, then you’ll probably have to spend (or pray for good luck) to unlock them in the game.

As mentioned earlier, the PS5 Genshin Impact Starter Bundle is only available in China for now, and it retails for CNY 3,599 or roughly PHP 28,259. There’s no word from Sony or Hoyoverse whether this bundle will be offered elsewhere around the world.

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