PUBG Mobile Lite now available for Android

Looks like Tencent Games is really pushing PUBG Mobile as they release a lite version of the app for Android. This is to accommodate gamers who have lower-end devices.

Tencent is promising the same gameplay experience despite the lower system requirement. It uses a lot less RAM and runs on Unreal Engine 4. If there is one major change, its the resizing of the map. The game now has a smaller map that only caters to a maximum of 40 players. Meaning faster gameplay and fewer resources to load.

PUBG Mobile Lite is now available for download at the Google Play Store (link here). An iOS version is yet to be announced.

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    I need help,about how to open the pabG game

  2. Avatar for Arafat Arafat says:

    Pabg mobile lite Game play


    Pubg mobile lite

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