Minecraft will get Ray Tracing feature soon

Mojang, in partnership with NVIDIA, revealed that their most iconic game of all time, Minecraft, will have a Ray Tracing implementation in the game very soon. Also, they announced that they will have a new game engine called Render Dragon.

Devices that run on Windows  10 and supports DirectX R with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU will be able to experience the Ray Tracing capabilities inside Minecraft.

“With the capabilities of this tech, you’ll be able to experience your Minecraft worlds with realistic lighting, vibrant colors, , realistic water that reflects and refracts naturally, and emissive textures that light up. What does ‘emissive’ mean? It means you’re about to see Minecraft like you’ve never seen it before!”

The patch will come in a beta state which will allow players to enable the “Optional graphics with RTX” feature in the screen settings of the game.

The gaming company also announced that they have developed a new game engine called Render Dragon which was first seen in Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. This engine focuses on visual upgrades such as new edge highlighting and lighting techniques. It is said that the performance of the game will also improve further.

Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Swedish developer, Notch, which became a big hit worldwide. The game is catered to all ages from children to adults and is currently one of the top played games in the world.

Mojang hasn’t stated when will they apply the new updates so stay tuned for more announcements in the future.

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