Amazon patent to pair up toxic gamers with same behavior

Amazon proposes a new patent filing to deal with cheaters and other gamers with “toxic” behaviors.

As stated on the patent, it features a mechanism where it deals and isolates “toxic” players into a separate player pool. This works by tracking gamers’ behavior, grouping users exhibiting the same behavior. This means that they can get involved with others that match their gaming behavior.

The document also states that the system includes data regarding the players, such as behaviors, preferences, and a processor configured to execute instructions. The compatibility of the sets undergoes an equation and computer-implemented method. This is different from other cheating software on other games as this one detects a variety of factors to define what a toxic player is.

The company sees such approaches to moderate various gaming communities and foster a healthy gaming experience.

Various video games have made initiatives for player behavior policing that Amazon’s patent covers. Fall Guys previously had the Cheater Island, where players with cheats get to play normal levels against each other. On the other hand, Grand Theft Auto Online categorizes players who destroy other player’s vehicles, dropping from jobs and annoying other players as Bad Sports.

Amazon has not yet given other information about the system nor its date of implementation.

Source: US Patent  via Business Insider

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