Insomniac Games addresses recent Cyber attack

Insomniac Games has issued a statement in response to a recent ransomware attack conducted by the Rhysida hacker group, which exposed millions of files containing sensitive employee information, confidential business details, and assets for ongoing game development, including the upcoming Wolverine title, and other games slated for release in the future in partnership with Marvel.

The statement expressed the studio’s frustration over the criminal cyber attack and acknowledged the emotional toll it has taken on the team. Insomniac Games disclosed that they had focused internally on providing support to their staff in the aftermath of the incident.

The Rhysida hacker group demanded a $2 million Bitcoin ransom, threatening to release the compromised data when payment was not received.
The exposed information included internal business plans, budget details, assets from the in-development Wolverine game, and personally identifiable information of employees.

Insomniac Games emphasized their commitment to the well-being of their team and reassured fans that work on Marvel’s Wolverine is progressing without significant disruption.

Insomniac’s tweet stated:

Marvel’s Wolverine continues as planned. The game is in production and will no doubt evolve throughout development, as do all our plans. We will share official information about Marvel’s Wolverine when the time is right.

Despite this assurance, a playable PC build of Wolverine has been discovered among the leaked files. Insomniac warned potential downloaders about the risk of legal action and the possibility of the build containing malicious software implanted by hackers. The statement urged caution and discouraged piracy, emphasizing the potential consequences for those attempting to access the leaked content.

Insomniac Games remains resilient in the face of the cyberattack, prioritizing the well-being of its team and the continuity of its game development projects.

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