Identity V to collaborate with TV Anime xxxHOLiC

NetEase Games has made a crossover between Identity V, the 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror game and TV Anime xxxHOLiC is about to begin.
Incredible tales in the Manor! Where the collision of mystique and peculiarity happens

The manga group CLAMP is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series “xxxHolic”. In the story, Yûko Ichihara, a witch who runs a shop where wishes are granted, meets Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student with the ability to sense spirits. Watanuki gets a job with Yûko in return for granting him his wish to be free of the spirits. A strange succession of incidents keeps happening all around Watanuki as he makes his way through his career.

From November 23 until December 14th, there will be an Identity V x TV Anime xxxHOLiC Crossover. Miss Yûko’s shop has also heard reports of the strange happenings that took place in Oletus Manor. Examine the odd happenings at the manor with Kimihiro Watanuki and reveal the secrets that remain there. Get rewards including crossover accessories like Water Basin, crossover portrait frames like Mokona Modoki and Kimihiro Watanuki, crossover graffiti like Mokona Modoki and crossover essence by taking part in daily events, completing log-in tasks, and winning daily fights.

In order to receive rewards like crossover essence, take part in the making-wishes event, write down your wishes, and preserve them. Aside from that, you can read other Visitors’ wishes at random to see people at their most vulnerable.

Identity V x TV Anime xxHOLiC Crossover Essence will have a wide variety of crossover merchandise available for purchase online. Included are the crossover costumes: Mercenary A (Shizuka Dômeki), “Little Girl” A (Kohane Tsuyuri), Seer A (Kimihiro Watanuki), and Geisha S (Yûko Ichihara). Additional items like emote, crossover limited portrait, and graffiti will be available. The thrilling journey is about to begin as the game progressively reintroduces many familiar characters and objects.
Incredible tales! Destiny entwines with the realms of fantasy.
Not only can Yûko Ichihara predict the future in space and time, but her philosophical words also have a remarkable ability to captivate hearts. She has solved several odd incidents for her customers while running a magical shop that fulfills wishes for a price. However, can a reluctant Geisha who dons Yûko Ichihara’s S attire achieve her own ambition in the never-ending quest?
Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student with a unique gift, is guided by fate to work in Miss Ichihara’s store and sets out on a path of personal development through experiences with paranormal activity. Seer has a great talent for communicating with spirits at the estate. What new insight he will get into communicating with the world when he dresses in his A costume?
Past calamities weigh heavily on Kohane Tsuyuri, a kind and innocent girl with the gift of soul perception. When “Little Girl” dons the A costume, can Kohane Tsuyuri’s bravery and empathy enable her to defeat strong opponents and find happiness again?
Skilled in driving out demons that disturb spirits, Shizuka Dômeki keeps a detached demeanor despite having sharp judgment and skillful execution. He is also constantly prepared to defend Kimihiro Watanuki when he is in danger. When Mercenary dons in A costume, how can he best display his powerful physical strength and decisiveness as a trustworthy comrade, battling with his friend?
The intricate fate is shrouded in uncertainty. The crossover between Identity V, the 1v4 asymmetrical survival horror game by NetEase Games and TV Anime xxxHOLiC will start soon. Prepare for an extraordinary chase as you and friends from diverse time dimensions step into the manor, diving into the truth behind all the peculiar events!

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