Games coming this Month of May!

Wondering which games you should buy this month of May? Well, WE GOT YOU! The quarantine might have been extended, so that means more gaming time! Here are a few titles that we think are worth buying because of their promising premises.

John Wick Hex

First off, the now released for the PlayStation 4 port, John Wick Hex, is a timeline strategy game with elements of resource management where the player maneuvers the character through a level on a hex-based grid. Think of it as something like a John Wick type chess game. This is an excellent and unique game that you will enjoy playing.

Void Bastards

The critically acclaimed comic book style game just released its game for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. In this game, you play as hydrated prisoners aboard a stranded personnel vessel, whose AI must rely on its dangerous cargo to obtain fuel for a final jump to its destination. Despite the game being very comic book-like, the writing and its dark humor stand out the most, so without a doubt, you will surely be entertained with this game.

StarWars Episode I: Racer

The Guinness Record title holder for the best selling Sci-Fi racing game is releasing for the Nintendo Switch on May 12 and for the PlayStation 4 on May 26. Based on the podracing sequence featured in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. The game features all of the racers and racecourse on Tatooine featured in The Phantom Menace. It also adds several new courses, some on Tatooine, others on various planets.

Ion Fury

Releasing for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Ion Fury or formerly known as  Ion Maiden, is a Cyber-Punk, First-person shooter game where the players assume the role of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, a bomb disposal expert aligned to the Global Defense Force. Dr. Jadus Heskel, a transhumanist cult leader, unleashes an army of cybernetically-enhanced soldiers on the futuristic dystopian city of Neo D.C., which Shelly is tasked with fighting through. This is an excellent game to satisfy that urging Cyber-Punk game that we all have been craving for.

Minecraft Dungeons

On May 26, releasing for the PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Minecraft Dungeons is a Dungeon Crawler game that lets players explore randomly-generated dungeons filled with randomly-generated monsters, and also deals with traps, puzzles, and finding treasure. This is a great game that you and your friends could play together.

Bioshock Collection & Borderlands Legendary Collection

2K Game will be releasing two of their best selling game franchises on May 29th for the Nintendo Switch.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

If you ever owned the Wii way back, this is one the best game ever released for it, and now, it’s rereleasing for the Nintendo Switch this May 29th. The game is the first entry of the Xenoblade series. It’s an open-world, role-playing game with science fiction and fantasy elements in its narrative.
These are some of the many titles that will be released this May. Honestly, I am surprised by the many rereleases of games in the past and the lack of StarWars themed games. But, I guess that podracing game will do. If you have your own list of games coming this May, please do share them in the comment section below. Stay safe and happy gaming.

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