From the Developers of Octopath Traveler: Various Daylife for Mobile now available on Android and iOS


Various Daylife is an RPG developed by Square Enix (Developer of Final Fantasy) that was first released as an Apple Arcade exclusive way back in September 2019. After two years, it was removed from the service but was quickly reintroduced on other platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4.

Now, it has returned to iOS and is also available on Android as a premium download. Although it may not be the most thrilling RPG on the market, it is ideal for players looking for a simple and easy-to-play game to pass the time.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Various Daylife features a combination of side-scrolling walking and turn-based battles, prioritizing simple and easy-to-complete tasks over complex gameplay mechanics. Players will engage in turn-based battles and various side missions, such as going on dates and completing tasks. Travelling between areas is done by watching the party walk across the screen, which may seem repetitive but can also be seen as a calming experience – a common trait in mobile games.

Development Team and Background

Various Daylife was created by the development team responsible for Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default II, with Tomoya Asano as the producer. This means that expectations for the game are high, given the team’s history of creating high-quality console RPGs. A positive aspect of the game is that it does not rely on in-game monetization, meaning players will not have to spend more money after the initial purchase.

Pricing and Availability

Various Daylife is currently available for $20.99 on the Play Store, and is a complete game with no additional fees. The higher price point may be a concern for some, but it is worth noting that the game is priced at $28.99 on PC and consoles, so purchasing it on Android will save money. However, it is hard to justify the pricing when compared to other games that offer more value for the price.

Various Daylife is a relaxing and simple RPG for mobile devices that is perfect for those looking for a chill premium RPG to play through on Android. Developed by the team behind Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default II, the good thing here is that the game does not rely on any in-game monetization, which is very rare for a mobile game.

The game is available now on Android and iOS for $20.99. While the high price may be a concern, it’s worth considering that the game is developed by a team with a history of creating high-quality console RPGs.

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