Fortnite commences iOS invite event

Fortnite’s entry into the mobile scene has been widely anticipated ever since its announcement earlier this month. Now, Epic Games has sent out invitations to users who signed up for an early access to the well-regarded Battle Royale. Do take note, that the version of the game that’s arriving on mobile is the Battle Royale.

The game is still at an early stage, so take this invite event as a closed beta of sorts. The invitations to the game arrive in waves and Epic Games is continuously sending them out, so if you haven’t received yours yet don’t worry. Interested players can still sign-up for an invite by heading over to this link here.

Epic Games is yet to announce any information about the Android launch or if it will also receive its own invite event nor have they released any information about its official release. In any case, this is our first glimpse of the game in a mobile format.

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