First Solo Leveling Game, Solo Leveling: Arise to Launch in May 8

Fans of the popular web novel and manhwa “Solo Leveling” can mark their calendars as Netmarble announces the official launch date for the highly anticipated PC and mobile game adaptation. “Solo Leveling: Arise” is scheduled to hit the gaming scene on May 8, 2024, promising to immerse players in the thrilling world of Sung Jinwoo’s journey from weakest hunter to the world’s best.

Solo Leveling Arise

With over 12 million pre-registrations worldwide, “Solo Leveling: Arise” has garnered immense anticipation among gamers. Pre-registration is still open, offering players the chance to earn exclusive rewards. Depending on the platform chosen—App Store or Google Play—players can unlock various rewards, including a Chic Black Suit costume for Sung Jinwoo, a Legendary Artifact set, Mana Power Crystals, and 100,000 in-game gold. Additionally, those who provide their email addresses will receive special rewards tied to Jinho.

While there are no milestone rewards for pre-registration achievements, the overwhelming response from fans worldwide underscores the immense popularity of the franchise. “Solo Leveling: Arise” aims to deliver an action-packed RPG experience, allowing players to embark on epic adventures, battle formidable foes, and team up with iconic characters from the series to ascend the ranks.

Netmarble, the developer behind the game, launched “Solo Leveling: Arise” in Early Access in March, garnering positive feedback from players. The global release of the game follows the conclusion of the anime series, which aired its last episode on March 31. With its fast-paced combat and gacha elements reminiscent of popular titles like Genshin Impact, “Solo Leveling: Arise” seeks to captivate gamers with its immersive gameplay and faithful adaptation of the beloved source material.

As the countdown to the official launch date begins, fans can look forward to experiencing the epic saga of “Solo Leveling” firsthand in “Solo Leveling: Arise.” With its release just around the corner, players can prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey alongside Jinwoo and other legendary hunters in the Solo Leveling universe.

Here is a  list of all playable characters in the Solo Leveling: Arise.

Sung Jinwoo S rank
Hae In Cha S rank
Emma Laurent TBD
Choi Jong In S rank
Yoonho Baek S rank
Tae Gyu Lim S rank
Jinho Yoo D rank
Chul Kim A rank
Joohee Lee B rank
Jinchul Woo A rank
Taeshik Kang B rank
Heejin Park B rank
Song Yi Han E rank
Byung Gu Min S rank
Dongsoo Hwang S rank
Dongsuk Hwang C rank
Bora Lee A rank
Sangshik Kim D rank
Chiyul Song C rank
Kyuhwan Jo C rank

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