Contra Rogue Corps now in the Philippines, priced

Konami is back with one of its popular shooter game franchises that date back to 1987 — Contra Rogue Corps.

Set several years after the events of Contra III: Alien Wars, the Contra Rogue Corps happens in the Damed City where your task is to kill enemies using old-fashioned Contra gunfights. There are four character classes namely Kaiser, Ms. Harakiri, The Gentleman, and Hungry Beast.

The game features a main weapon and sub-weapon customization in realtime between stages. The guns have unlimited ammo, but with a heat meter to be managed. Players can clear the area with a huge bomb or by using the character’s unique skill.

Contra Rogue Corps can be played via Single Player campaign, online multiplayer Co-op, or four-player LAN mode.

Contra Rogue Corps sells at the following prices in the Philippines:

  • PlayStation 4 – PHP 1,850
  • Nintendo Switch – PHP 1,850

It is now available for purchase in official game stores in the country such as Datablitz and i-Tech.

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