Bandai Namco to release Tekken Mobile for iOS and Android

Bandai Namco will be releasing a new mobile game called Tekken Mobilefollowing the success of their recent console and pc game Tekken 7.

In the mobile game version of the arcade franchise, players can play one of over 100 characters, each equipped with over 20 unique, unlockable moves.  Players can also customize and upgrade move sets and skills on each character.

There will be three main features for this game: Story mode, Dojo Challenge, and Live Events. The story mode will be focusing on Kazuya Mishima’s adventure. The Dojo Challenge will be an online battle against other players. Lastly, the Live Events will have a daily, weekly, and monthly rotating content goals that the players can achieve by finishing it.

Tekken Mobile will be free to play and is in preparation for a global release in due time. Players can access the game’s website and sign signing up for pre-registration. There will be rewards as one sign up — the more people who will register, the more rewards that they will be receiving at the game’s global launch.

Source: Gematsu

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