Android Games for Pre-registration: September 2020

Last month’s available Android games for pre-registration stretches from classic cartoons to remake of video games. For September, Google is bringing in a new set of upcoming titles that you can sign-up, install, and play later on your Android devices. Check out these upcoming mobile games below!

BTS Universe Story

ARMYs, unite! The septet K-Pop boyband group is coming on your smartphone screens with its simulation game developed by Netmarble. Revolving around the BTS Universe, players get to play the role of their idols on each featured story and influence their choices, as well as the outcome of each narrative in the game.

Pre-register here.

Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen

As the name suggests, the game features masked-wearing ninjas that fight against monsters lurking around the streets. Fighters are adorned with masks where they draw their special powers and uses orbs to enhance their team’s performance during battle. Each team is composed of three members with various skills and attacks that players can utilize to defeat the Wraiths.

Pre-register here.

Shelter War

Describes as an action-survival mobile game, Shelter War is set on a post-nuclear apocalypse world. Players are required to build a city, develop a bunker, save and train fellow survivors, and fight the undead to survive and build a faction. It has first- and third-person game modes that allow players to either build alliances or star online clan wars.

Pre-register here.

Genshin Impact

Honkai Impact developer miHoYo Limited has released another visually appealing game. Described as an open-world adventure game, Genshin Impact will feature crossplay function across gaming consoles, desktops, and mobile. Players take on a journey as a traveler, which needs to go through and complete quests to find a lost sibling and understand the truth about the primeval gods. They may unlock up to 24 characters, play with friends through the multiplayer mode, and control over one of the seven natural elements.

Pre-register here.

Rise: Shooter Arena

This upcoming FPS mobile game inspired by Overwatch features more than five unique heroes with a corresponding skill and powers that blast away foes. The developers didn’t reveal many details yet about the game. However, as indicated on its Google Play page, the Rise: Shooter Arena will bring more than three battlegrounds, over a dozen deadly weapons to choose from, and quick, fast-paced modes.

Pre-register here.

Bangbang Rabbit!

This fighting game requires players to explore worlds, complete missions, and defeat enemies all at once with an equipped arsenal of weapons and armor. They may buy items to improve their abilities and form deadly combat tactics to survive from evil monsters before the time runs out.

Pre-register here.

Chef Cat

Unleash your inner chef with this latest restaurant cooking game from Nukebox Studios! The game follows the life of a fresh culinary graduate, Chef Cat Ava, a young, ambitious cat who owns a food truck. It features more than 700 tasty dishes to cook and serve for the customers, over 680 levels to complete, and 14 locations.

Pre-register here.

Idola Phantasy Star Saga

Lst in the list is the mobile version of the classic RPG series, Phantasy Star. Developed by Boltrend Games, it showcases turn-based battles with two-party modes, world-class graphics, an iconic soundtrack, Idola battles, and PVP matches.

Pre-register here.

And there you have it. Are there any other games you can recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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