AMD’s Anti-Lag Feature Sparks Automatic Bans in Counter-Strike 2: Caution for GPU Owners

In an unexpected twist, Counter-Strike 2 players using AMD’s Anti-Lag feature are finding themselves at risk of unceremonious bans, as strongly cautioned by the developers of the popular game.

The Anti-Lag feature, particularly the “Anti-Lag Plus,” has triggered automatic bans, and a recent post by CS2 developers serves as a stern warning against its usage. The developers have clarified that these bans are linked to the recent driver updates, which implement features through the “detouring engine dll functions.”

The post emphasizes that affected users can anticipate corrective measures upon AMD updating their drivers.

The CS2 development team commits to identifying impacted users and, when applicable, reversing the bans. However, the situation raises concerns among players about the compatibility and potential consequences of using certain features tied to GPU functionalities.

AMD incorporated support for Anti-Lag Plus in Counter-Strike 2 with the release of the Adrenaline Edition version 23.30.1 driver. It’s crucial to note that this feature is exclusive to Radeon RX 7000-series GPUs, implying that older hardware configurations should remain unaffected. Seeking clarity on the matter, we reached out to AMD for an official statement.

To disable the Anti-Lag Plus feature, users can press Alt+L. Furthermore, verifying the hotkey assignment in AMD Radeon Software is recommended. This can be achieved by clicking the gear icon, navigating to Hotkeys, and customizing the hotkey for Anti-Lag Plus.

The unfolding scenario prompts gamers to exercise caution when experimenting with the latest GPU features, particularly in scenarios where compatibility issues might inadvertently lead to unwarranted consequences. As the gaming community awaits AMD’s response, players are advised to stay informed about any updates or official statements from the GPU manufacturer.

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